About Our Company

Red Hawk2 is well placed as a reputed security services company in Ahmedabad to manage the high traffic and public venues in time of emergency. The unique blend of the resources and quality services make us uncommon from the rest. The commitment is personalized in the way that thousands of the people want the protection for the public attendance, and we believe that behind every protection there will be dedication, intelligence and strength

Our Vision

“To end the search of the future security”

Our Mission

“Secure, protect, manage the people and make the surrounding more peaceful and beautiful.”

Why choose Red Hawk protection in Ahmedabad?

We provide the professional office security services in Ahmedabad to a wide range of clients across the many commercial areas. We don’t just provide the exceptional security service but truly care about the client’s need, and as a best practice and experience, we become the partner of them. You can find the reasons why you can choose us for the better security services.

Experienced Bouncers

The most experienced bouncers that are highly skilled and trained to serve you with the high protection and security services.

Verified service

Under the verification, we offer the handpicked fully trained, willing and reliable security personnel comprising of the officers.

Secured Service

Considering the asset protection and access control  in the premises we are ready to provide the secure celebrity bouncer services in Ahmedabad.

24*7 Support

Consultation with the proper guidance towards security and protection, we are here to serve you with the 24* 7 support.

What We Offer Here

Celebrity protection

Our celebrity bouncer services in Ahmedabad make easy to handle the situation while celebrity want protection. The vast experience make us understand the hurdles while handling the celebrity.

Event Security

The Red Hawk2 staff is professional to coordinate with the event organizers and they are well qualified and trained in identifying the potential risks that could arise during the event.

Commercial Security

Keep your commercial workplace secure and safe while meeting safety and health requirements. We can provide onsite guards and patrols to take care of your business.

Building Parking Security

Red Hawk2 provides the highest standard of building parking management services in Ahmedabad, to earn the trust of the customers in a reliable and helpful manner.

House Security

The trained, experienced and credited guards provide house protection with the people friendly security and focused service who can handle the safe guarding and security of house.

CCTV Surveillance

The CCTV surveillance is as important as the bouncer security, it can help with the real-time detection of any threats, it can raise the alarms and activate our security guards to the response it.

May I ask for emergency service?

You can call any time whenever you need the proper security services in Ahmedabad or outside the site even. We transport the bouncers and our guards with the celebrity.

Does the service is trustable?

We assure you to with the guarantee and insurance, you don’t have to worry about, we are most trusted security Service Company throughout Ahmedabad.

Do the employees have the experience and licence?

The team of the Red Hawk2 enclosed with the licenced security persons with the most competitive rates that have the vast experience for many years. Areas such as corporate building, hospitals, schools, banks and many other can be covered by the Red Hawk2.

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